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Shop-Vac® Pro 60L Stainless Steel Vac
The Shop-Vac® Pro 60L Stainless Steel vacuum comes with accessories and filters for both wet & dry messes, and a Lock-On® hose that stays secure. The blower port instantly converts your vacuum to a powerful blower, and the tank drain makes for easy emptying.

Included Accessories:

  • 3.7m x 38mm Lock-On® Hose
  • (2) Metal Wands
  • 355mm Master Nozzle
  • 355mm Squeegee Insert
  • 355mm Brush Insert
  • 355mm Rug Insert
  • 406mm Crevice Tool
  • Round Brush
  • Gulper Nozzle
  • Universal Tool Adapter

Included Filters:

  • Foam Sleeve
  • HEPA Cartridge Filter
  • Collection Filter Bag

Catalog Number: 927-36-29

Peak HP: 1800 Max Watts
Tank Size: 60 Litres

Performance Specifications


  • Hose Size: 38 mm Diameter
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • HEPA Filter
  • Tank Drain
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Lock-on Hose
  • Blower Feature
  • Onboard Accessory Storage

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